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  • Posted: December 4, 2005 
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After a few weeks of reading wine blogs and a few years of wine drinking on a regular basis, I had the not so crazy idea of starting my own wine blog. I’m not sure what one single inspiration for the idea was though. Perhaps it was sites like and, or blogs like Lenndevours, Catavino and Vinography.

It could have been the relatively recent appreciation for fine food and cooking, and or weekly “international night” dinner for six with my friends in New York City. It might go as far back as the wine tastings and fine dining in Miami with my girlfriend Johanna. The truth is, it must be some volatile combination of these.

The wines I consume are usually $8-$25, including some four to five bottles a week bought by myself or friends accompanied with a home cooked meal. My intention is to try different varietals and regions, pair them as best as I can, and if I enjoy them, learn something about them. Some of my posts may hopefully be an interesting description of my experience with a bottle, and some posts may just be a wine comment, description or review.

I hope you enjoy the time you spend reading this blog, but I cant make any guarantees about my accuracy or ability to dissect the details of any given wine. In fact I know there are thousands of wine professionals that taste and distribute wine for a living, or sommeliers that manage cellars and guide patrons. I’ve seen the weekend wine tasters out there following their taste buds from to vineyard to vineyard, buying cases and cellaring for future enjoyment. I don’t pretend to be any of these because I am what I believe to be an ever more important variable in the wine business, a knowledgeable consumer looking for a good buy and a memorable wine experience. I would appreciate any comments from my readers, and I am always interested in the tasting opinions of others.

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